Agrolife GmbH is a company founded by professionals with over 15 years of experience in the field of international trade.

Today Agrolife GmbH is a leading supplier of oilseed, cereals and feed additives in the market of Germany, EU and Ukraine.

Agrolife GmbH

Ukraine, as Eurasia’s major producer of agricultural products, is highly advantageous in terms of logistics, geographical position and favorable pricing policies. It has the capacity to ensure constant export of oilseeds and cereals (soybean oil and meal, sunflower meal, bran etc.) to Germany and other EU countries, being an active consumer of feed additives produced in Germany and China.

We have profound knowledge of the Ukrainian market and we know how to conduct business with it’s residents. Our main partner in Ukraine is “Trade house “Svit-Agro”” Ltd., which has been a major Ukrainian importer of amino acids and feed additives since 2006. At the same time, Tradehouse “Svit-Agro” is rapidly increasing its export of oilseeds and cereals to countries of the European Union.

Furthermore, our strong relationships with leading producers of feed additives from Germany, Denmark and China contribute to the promotion of Agrolife GmbH on the global market as the irreplaceable link between these companies and the consumers.

We can guarantee the following benefits to our partners:

For matters of quality control of the products, we rely on local trusted partners which are capable of carrying out a proper quality expertise. If the need arises, independent experts and laboratories are engaged in the process.
Being highly experienced in international trade, we can ensure unobstructed transit of products from producer to end customer on any delivery terms that are satisfactory to the client.
The delivery to the customer is guaranteed thanks to timely signed contracts with our reliable suppliers and producers.

We are proud of our excellent reputation on the market, which is based on 15 years of successful work combined with the desire to meet each client’s needs and to fulfill the mutual commitments with our partners.

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