svit agro

Trade house «Svit-Agro» — is the leader of Ukrainian feed supplements and veterinary drugs market. The company has been present in agricultural sector since 2006, distributing products from world’s leading manufacturers: MSD Animal Health, CJ Corporation, Elanco, EW Nutrition, Novus. In 2017 company reported 36.8 million dollars of annual turnover.

«Svit-Agro» invests significant resources in oil crops and cereals export growth to European Union countries. In order to meet EU standards a dedicated department of experts, that specializes in procurement of products exclusively from reliable and properly certified producers, was created. The company provides thorough quality control of products and in case of necessity arranges an additional laboratory test according to customer needs.

european protein

European Protein is an award-winning Danish manufacturer of high quality fermented protein feed additives. Company was founded as a collaboration between Fermentationexperts AS and Aarhus University.

European Protein has developed and patented an innovative method that makes it possible to mix almost any source of plant and animal protein. This invention allows to design virtually any amino acid profile to ensure best growth and health rates.

Company’s innovations in protein feed additives gained it a silver medal at Eurotier 2012 Exhibition. In 2016 European Protein became a partner of AgroLife to jointly establish a protein feed additives factory in Ukraine.

Krontes LLC

Krontes is a young Ukrainian brand engaged in the production of natural dried treats for pets. The treats are made at our own production facilities exclusively from high-quality raw materials. The plant is designed and built in accordance with the requirements of international standards of product quality and safety. The company has implemented a HACCP system that allows to guarantee the production of safe products through the identification and control of hazardous factors.

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