Rapeseed meal

Rapeseed meal is an important protein component of animal nutrition, particularly for feeding poultry and pigs. Rapeseed meal contains more calcium, phosphorus, niacin and choline vitamins than any other vegetable meals, including soybean and sunflower meals.
 Qualitative characteristics:
Mass fraction of protein (as is) not less than 37.0%
Mass fraction of fiber not more than 16.0%
Mass fraction of fat not more than 3.0%
Moisture not more than 12%
Erucic acid% not more than 5%

Crude rapeseed oil

Crude rapeseed oilis the world's third most produced oil following soybean and palm oils. Rapeseed oil is used as the supplement for feeding poultry and farm animals, in steel and textile industries and as a raw material used in production of biodiesel fuel.
 Qualitative characteristics:
Color number, mg max 85
Acid number, mg KOH/g max 4
Moisture and volatile substances, % max 0.25%
Phosphorus content as per (P2O5) max 0,76%
Mass fraction of the erucic acid max 5%
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