Amino acids. L-Threonine

Threonine is the limiting amino acid essential to the skeletal muscle growth and is a part of immune proteins and digestive enzymes. Used for balancing Threonine in domestic pigs and birds nutrition plans.
Health benefits:
  • Plays a major role in the synthesis of purines and glycine
  • Serves as a source of energy
  • Regulates feed intake
  • Stimulates lysine absorption and digestion
  • Completely digestible unlike threonine that is contained in vegetable proteins
  • Reduces nitrogen excretion which is beneficial to the environment
Dosage: Poultry — 0,4 – 0,8%;
Pigs — 0,5 – 1,0%.
  • Multilayered paper bag, 25 kg each
Expiration term: 24 month