LiquiPower ™ VA + Se

“LiquiPower VA+Se” is a well-balanced liquid combination of vitamins, selenium and amino-acids designed for the additional, short-term supplementation via drinking water. It is indicated to improve metabolism, formulation of muscle structure, maintains overall body tension, helps to smooth stress situation (especially while vaccination, transporting, change of ration), also for the prevention of hypovitaminosis and amino-acid deficiencies especially in high performing animals.

LiquiPower ™ E + Se

“LiquiPower E+Se” is a liquid combination of vitamin E and selenium, designed for the additional supplementation via drinking water. It is indicated for all animal species in periods of an increased nutritional requirement for vitamin E and selenium. High level of Vitamin E in animal organism performs stability and quality of meat and meat products during processing. Selenium is essential for preventing pancreas degeneration, insufficient fertility. Recommended for grower animals as immune system stimulator, for highly-performance animals in case reduce of reproductive function.

LiquiPower ™ Phos Plus

“LiquiPower Phos Plus” is a specific liquid formulation of minerals and trace
elements. Provides organism with microelements important for minerals metabolism. Product lowers pH level of drinking water that have positive effect on digestive tract, especially while digestive diseases. Highly effective as mineral supplement especially for grower and highly productive poultry being in stress conditions such as vaccination, transporting, relocation.

LiquiPower ™ Hepahealth

“LiquiPower Hepahealth” is a specific liquid formulation for poultry, designed for the additional, short-term supplementation via the drinking water. The product is
recommended in periods of stress, for fatty liver syndrome, hepatitis, hepatorenal
disorders and metabolic disorders particularly in layers.

LiquiPower ™ B-Mix Forte

“LiquiPower B-Mix Forte” is essential in fats, protein, carbohydrates and nucleic
acids metabolism, supports normal function of nervous system, has positive effect on reproductive cycle, secures skin and organs of digestive system. Product is used as balanced vitamins’ combination for the period of increasing need for nutrients, especially for young and highly-performance animals during different stress conditions.

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